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We are looking for a co owener to this tumblr.

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Link: http://makemewannadie-rp.tumblr.com/

Host: Invisionfree.

Fandom: Kick-Ass/Marvel.

Plot description:

Make me Wanna Die is a futuristic AU Kick-Ass RP. After Frank D’Amico was killed by Hit-Girl and Kick-ass, New York appeared to settle down. Things went back to normal and for eight years everything seemed peaceful. Then, like not a day had passed; everything came back. Red Mist resurfaced as both the new face of a bigger, badder mob and New York’s new super villain. He forced New York to its knees, and in it, forced old vigilantes to come out of retirement, and even bring some new ones in. New York is on fire, split in two; what side will you fight for?

Rp directory mod note: I love the kick ass movie so much.

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Name: Los Angeles Roleplay
Link: http://losangelesrp.tumblr.com
Host: tumblr.
Fandom: original character.
Plot description: An original character roleplay made up of teens who go to a boarding school in Los Angeles.

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Submit your roleplay

Name: Hogwarts OC

Link: http://thehogwarts—rp.tumblr.com/

Host: Tumblr

Fandom: Harry Potter

Plot description: A roleplay set modern day yet in Hogwarts. Basically Teddy is a first year and Victoire will join later. After the trio’s era and before the next generation’s era. War’s over, peace is found. No serious storylines yet. OCs are welcome.

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Name: Daily Seoul

Link: http://dailyseoulrp.tumblr.com/

Host: Daily Seoul

Fandom: Korean Pop World (Kpop)

Plot description: Another roleplay revolving around the daily lives of famous kpop idols as civilians. It is up to you on whether the idols are famous or ordinary people. People are welcome to submit their own characters.

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Name: Necessary Evil

Link: http://necessaryevil.tigressdesign.co.uk

Host: Private

Fandom: Original Fantasy

Plot Description:
Say that the very notion of what you think is fact and fiction is wrong. And say, that hidden under your very nose, there was a war. A secret war between two parties not supposed to exist; a war that waged for years. A war that has finally drawn to a close.

Peace has finally started to settle among London’s hidden magical community after a decade of disputes. It’s been 3 years since the vampires and wizards finally declared a truce, but things are still far from friendly. There has always been tension between the two races, and the most recent war is only the latest in a long line of scuffles over the millennia.

While the casters and the undead growl over old quarrels, there are many other supernatural races going about their daily business, trying not to get involved. Werewolves have their own pack disputes, fighting for dominance on a smaller scale. Elves haunt the woods, keeping to themselves and sulking over the state of the earth. Even shifters, as rare as they may be, are feeling safe enough to come out of the woodwork and introduce themselves to the rest of the magical world.

Humans, as always, are happily oblivious to the trials and tribulations of the hidden world. They’re the vermin, the prey, the blind. The world is full of things you’ve never dreamed of, isn’t it about time you opened your eyes to the magical?
Welcome to Necessary Evil (NE), an RPG for people who love fantasy and folklore and want to try something a little different. The brainchild of a whole group of people, the concept and ideas for NE have been developed over the course of two years and its about time we shared! You can play any creature you can think of, within reason! We already have a few races defined, but if you want something else, no problem! You even get to write out their factfile with the help of the other members.

Our aim is not to have the biggest member count out there, but to find and collect people who are like-minded and enjoy the creative art of literature in role play. It’s all about quality, not quantity. We welcome players that love to write and share their ideas and stories with others. If that sounds like you then come in and join us!

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Name: St Valentines

Link: http://stvalentinesrp.tumblr.com/

Host: Tumblr

Fandom: Original

Plot description: St. Valentines is the cities most prestigious, famous school that only accepts the brightest, fastest and most talented students. But there’s more to it then red and black plaid skirts and saturday soccer. There’s something very strange about a certain group of students.

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Name: merlin_roleplayers
Link: roleplayer.me/merlin_roleplayers
Host: roleplayer. me
Fandom: BBC Merlin

Plot description: Create a profile account of your preferred character, or make-up an original citizen of Camelot, then add this page to make storyline and character connections. We add multiples of all characters and do not discriminate according to cannon choices or ships. This is a roleplaying community page to network within the fandom. Come join and fill out your bio and introduce yourself, post your rp needs in “Camelot’s Most Wanted” and have a look around our fair Kingdom…

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Name: Gossip Girl Roleplay

Link: www.gossiploversrp.tumblr.com

Host: Tumblr

Fandom: Gossip Girl

Plot description: An AU Gossip Girl Roleplay

All characters available!

Link: http://z15.invisionfree.com/AWORLDOFMAGIC/index.php?act=idx
Host: Invisionfree
Fandom: Harry Potter (2 years after the final battle)
Plot description: Welcome to the year 2000! It’s the 21st century and all is well. Well okay, there are a few death eaters who are killing a few muggles and some other people are stepping out of line. But everything is fine, no need to worry.
Kingsley Shacklebolt is still the Minister for Magic and does a good job at it too. He has promised everyone that he will do a better job then the past Ministers have promised. He has been helping everyone in the wizarding community recover from the tragic loss and even helped the trio with getting jobs as he is still close with everyone in the order.

Everyone is growing up and becoming young adults, some are being tied down with a family and what not and others are helping their siblings with school. I guess that’s what it’s like when there’s A WORLD OF MAGIC.